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How To Order

Step 1: Select the product you would like to purchase


Step 2: If there is a choice, choose your product colour

Select one of our stock colours that you would like your promotional product supplied in.


Step 3: Choose any of the available options

Some products have multiple options available and can be added to your order using the drop-down menus or check boxes.


Step 4: Select the number of colours in your logo/artwork (If applicable)

Please select the number of colours your artwork is made up of. If you are unsure please contact us on 0345 812 4000 or email enquiries@brandmystuff.co.uk and we will get back to you asap with an answer.


Step 5: Upload your artwork (If applicable)

If you have chosen a product where artwork can be uploaded then please attach your file to your order via the upload field. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 4MB. If your artwork is larger than 4MB please call us on 0345 812 4000 where we will be happy to help. To ensure the highest production quality, we can only accept your artwork in the following formats: 






.AI (Version CS6 and below)

.ZIP (If you are using multiple images/logos please use this method)

Your artwork must be at least 300dpi and of good quality. If you are not sure if your artwork meets our criteria please contact us on 0345 812 4000 or email enquiries@brandmystuff.co.uk.


Step 6: Choose your quantity

Please select your required quantity from the drop-down list of the available order quantites. For quantities not displayed in the drop down please call us on 0345 812 4000 or email enquiries@brandmystuff.co.uk.


Step 7: Add your items to the shopping cart

When you are ready to order your products click the "Add To Cart" button below the product options. You will be taken to your shopping cart where you will see the products you have just added.


Step 8: Continue shopping or proceed to the checkout

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