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You can now buy sugar sachets and sugar sticks in very low volumes at very attractive prices without set up costs or colour separation charges. Sugar sachets are perfect for promotional and corporate events such as product launches, conferences, training courses, seminars, exhibitions and for general business purposes such as restaurants, clubs, special offers, promotions  - and even weddings.

Clever or humorous designs can add value to the use of sugar sachets and sugar sticks.

Sugar sachets make great 3D mailing pieces - sweeten the reception from your prospect!

The minimum quantity is 100 sugar sachets or 250 sugar sticks, there is no maximum but it is unlikely that we will be competitive over 25000 units as the mass producers come down to around this volume, however the weight of the sachet is less and generally the quality of the paper/laminate is thinner. Should you wish to order more than 25000 of any product online then split your order with a maximum of 25000 in any one part.

Remember what you send us as a file is what we print. Your picture will be scaled down to fit to 49mm x 30mm for sugar sachets and 70mm x 16mm for sugar sticks. Please ensure any cropping is done prior to you sending the image as any artwork amendments are chargeable. You will however receive an email proof for approval before we print.

There are 4 options with both the sugar sachet and the sugar stick - white or brown sugar and white or brown paper - simples!

Then a choice of image one side and text the other or an image both sides, each option is a different product

Delivery is 10-15 working days depending on the volume but we can offer an express service at a small premium. Adjusting machines between sizes and papers causes considerable downtime so we batch same types together, interrupting those runs necessitates the express premium.

Please call with any questions on 0345 812 4000.



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